Supplementary Feeding Stacks Up

North East cropper and sheep producer Neville Tweddle fed his spring lambs with a complete finisher for the first time last year.

Neville TweddleNORTH East sheep producer Neville Tweddle has achieved healthy results supplementary feeding his spring lambs.

Mr Tweddle, who runs 800 merino ewes joined to border Leicester rams for first cross wethers at Boorhaman, fed his spring lambs with a complete finisher feed for the first time last year.

“Last year’s lambs were looking pretty good, but I topped them off for four weeks or so with Rivalea’s lamb finisher pellets,” Mr Tweddle said. “The Rivalea pellets are a safer option than straight grain; they are a balanced feed with all the right minerals. “They’re a fool-proof choice as I don’t have to add anything to the mix; I know they are getting exactly what they need.

“They were fed out via lick feeders. It’s a good way to ration out the pellets, knowing the lambs can only eat so much before moving away for a drink.

“I kept an eye on the feeders, and topped them up around two weeks.” Mr Tweddle was pleased with his results.

“I had to weigh up the benefits of feeding the lambs the pellets against the price of them. I found them to be cost effective,” Mr Tweddle said. “I’m happy with the finish of last year’s lambs.

“They sold well at Corowa, getting prices I was pleased with.” Rivalea’s feedmill operation at Corowa produces more than 300,000 tonnes of feed annually. Rivalea’s territory manager for North East Victoria, Mark Lister, said nutrition played a vital role in modern animal management systems. He said producers already had tight margins so supplementary feeding had to stack up in terms of value. “That’s why we offer high quality feed solutions and nutritional advice that meet the exacting needs of today’s primary producers,” he said. Mr Tweddle said he was happy to support a local business, Rivalea. “I think there is great benefit in doing business locally,” he said. “I’d sold some of my grain to Rivalea in the past, so I was familiar with them.

“Mark Lister, the Rivalea territory manager around here, is also part of our local lamb group here at Boorhaman.”

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