Delivery Information

Bogged Trucks

During periods of wet weather, roads and track conditions deteriorate quickly and as a result we get a number of trucks getting bogged. This tends to happen when the trucks go onto properties where they have never had 40 plus tonne of truck and feed test their roads/tracks in wet weather.

As you can imagine, freeing 40 tonnes on wheels is not easy. In the case of the truck in the attached photo a special crane from Wagga had to be brought in and the truck was off the road for 24hrs, which disrupted both logistics and feed production. The total cost of removing this truck was $9,000

Procedures for New Clients

  • When a new account is opened we will endeavour to get a Territory Manager on-site to make a preliminary assessment and map the location of your silos/storage point. However at certain times, this is impractical  and we will need to rely on your advice.
  • In the event that a feed delivery is scheduled after heavy rain is expected, your Territory Manager will most likely make contact if they have determined your delivery site to be high risk, however we would also appreciate you making contact with either your Territory Manager or our Sales Office if you are at all concerned.
  • If you advise Rivalea that your delivery site is safe, and a truck becomes bogged on your property, you may be liable for the cost of extracting the truck (including any damage to the truck).
  • Please be aware that truck drivers have the right to refuse entering your delivery site if they deem it to be high risk.