Nutritional Balance

Tim Scott of Table Top Angus said Rivalea’s beef feed products have helped them achieve the results they were aiming for.SUPPLEMENTARY feeding at the right time with the right nutritional balance offers beef producers with grass based pasture systems the opportunity to improve and enhance the condition of their animals prior to sale. Tim Scott and his wife Jessica own Table Top Angus, a stud and commercial Angus and Suffolk sheep operation at Table Top, 20 km north of Albury. They have been supplementary feeding both their stud bulls and their commercial herd with Rivalea pelletised rations. They are exceptionally pleased with the results they are achieving.

Mark Lister, Territory Manager at Rivalea has spent time with Tim on farm, getting to know the operation, while offering support and advice that’s tailored to Tim’s specific needs and objectives. Mark said, “A stud focused product with the  additives and nutritional balance needed to support the growth of young bulls has added value to Tim’s system.” Tim said, “We feed our bulls in June, July and August to ensure they are in peak condition, and with nutritional advice from  Rivalea which is second to none, the appearance of my bulls is excellent and they clean up more quickly.”

Mark explained that a grain only supplementary feed can lead to issues as pasture fed young bulls grow and develop. “A balanced feed like Rivalea’s Stud Developer grows young bulls out to peak condition,” Mark added.

Nutritional expertise is at the core of the Rivalea product range. Rivalea is a fully integrated agribusiness based in Corowa in New South Wales. With experience spanning more than 30 years, Rivalea’s innovative feedmill operation is a pioneer in developing world’s best practice in the manufacture of high quality pelleted stockfeeds and now produces more than 300,000 tonnes of feed annually. This expertise ensures the nutritional requirements for Tim’s commercial herd are also met. While these needs are different to that of his stud bulls they are no less important.

Tim said, “For our commercial herd, feeding through the warmer months complements maximising winter pasture coming through.”

Mark supported this strategic feeding approach and said, “This allows Tim to better utilise the feed he has on offer, and for as long as possible.”

The Corowa location of Rivalea is also seen as an advantage by Tim. He said, “It’s just my wife and I running the property so time and labour are important. The ease of delivery and accessibility to the Corowa mill is first class.”

Return on investment is important when considering any farm input, including supplementary feeding. “We sell based on the market at the time, age of stock and weigh up the cost of supplementary feeding. Rivalea’s beef feed products have helped us achieve the results we are aiming for,” Tim concluded.

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STOCK & LAND, December 5, 2013 - Page 17