Sheep & Beef All Purpose

Ensure your beef cattle and sheep are receiving the protein, energy and trace minerals needed to support good health with Slingshot Sheep and Beef All Purpose. With 14% protein and 12 MJ/kg of energy, this stockfeed is an ideal drought and maintenance feed to help your sheep or cattle hold condition over the warmer months when pasture quality and quantity declines. Slingshot Sheep and Beef offers a quality option for smaller farmers looking to supplement existing feed rations while maximising stock health.

Recommended feeding directions:

  • Ensure a thorough introductory period is adhered to.
  • Gradually introduce from 0.5% of liveweight up to 2% over a period of 10 days. Continue to feed at up to 2% of liveweight as required.
  • Allow access to a palatable roughage source and ensure clean water is available at all times.
‘Indicative Specifications’ (DM Basis)
Crude Protein
Metabolisable Energy
12 MJ ME/kg
Available in bulk, 800kg bulka bags & 20kg