Cattle Finisher - Target Weight

SlingShot. The high performance supplementary feed for fast finishing.

If you want healthy cattle that reach their target weight sooner, then supplementary feed with Slingshot Cattle Finisher pellets. Nutritionally balanced to include the high protein and energy levels to meet the needs of growing cattle, plus vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Slingshot Cattle Finisher pellets are the highly effective feed solution to help you finish your cattle in less time.

Strategic supplementary feeding with SlingShot Cattle Finisher pellets offers beef producers the opportunity to reach target weights sooner.

SlingShot Cattle Finisher is a high performance pellet that is formulated so your cattle can reach their full growth potential in the shortest time possible. This will allow you to minimise costs while meeting your target weight objectives.

Nutritionally balanced to meet the needs of cattle with a high level of protein to provide the building blocks required to grow, and the correct level of energy to fuel this growth, SlingShot Cattle Finisher pellets also contain added vitamins and trace elements to promote a healthy rumen, bone growth, optimal feed conversion and minimise the risk of health issues.

In addition, a pelleted feed also ensures your planned nutrition is the same with every mouthful, with no risk of undigested grain passing through the cattle’s system as SlingShot Cattle Finisher pellets are blended and milled so they are highly digestible.

The optimal nutritional balance provided by SlingShot Cattle Finisher means your cattle can be finished in less number of days, which means every day you don’t feed you’re saving money.

Key Features

  • Provide as a supplement to pasture fed cattle, or with roughage to lot fed cattle.
  • Nutritionally balanced with 17% crude protein and 12 MJ/KG metabolisable energy. (Dry Matter)# 
  • Contains appropriate levels of calcium and phosphorus to support growth and development.
  • Contains added trace elements and vitamins to support growth.
  • Contains Monensin (Rumensin) to optimise feed conversion and Acidbuf® to minimise risk of grain poisoning.
  • Steam pelleted to minimise wastage, separation and better for bioavailability of ingredients.

These graphs indicate that a steer with a growth potential of 2.0kg/day and a target weight objective of 500kg (150kg growth target) can be finished off in around 75 days with high quality supplementary nutrition such as SlingShot. However, if nutrition is of a medium quality and the growth rate drops to 1.2kg/day it will take 125 days to reach the same target weight, a difference of 50 days.

For example, if you are feeding an average of 6.0kg/day @ $0.35/kg for these additional 50 days, the extra cost per steer is $105. A lower quality feed at a weight gain of 1.2kg/day would have to be 40% cheaper to make up the difference, and at a gain of 0.75kg/day would have to be over 60% cheaper. Add extra labour and animal health costs and the figures would be even higher. The information contained in this leaflet is based on knowledge and understanding at the time of writing (October 2014). However, because of advances in knowledge, users are reminded of the need to ensure that information upon which they rely is up to date and to check currency of the information with the user’s independent adviser. Bovatec is a registered trademark of Zoetis Pty Ltd. Acidbuf is a registered trademark of Celtic Minerals. #Typical analysis.

6.0kg feeding rate is a figure used for this example. Consult your advisor for a more accurate feeding rate for your operation. The price of $350/tonne is used for the cost of feed. This is only indicative.