All Purpose - Twin Survival

SlingShot. The high performance supplementary feed to improve ewe body condition at lambing and twin lamb survival.

If you want to get the best results at lambing then supplementary feed with SlingShotAll Purpose pellets. Specifically designed to provide the high nutritional requirements of ewes with twins in the critical six weeks prior to lambing, particularly when the dry summer pastures are insufficient. SlingShot All Purpose pellets are the highly effective feed solution to improve lambing percentages.

Strategic supplementary feeding with SlingShot All Purpose pellets offers farmers the opportunity to improve the number of twin lambs marked.

SlingShot All Purpose is a high performance pellet formulated to provide the high protein and energy levels. Protein for the building blocks of twin foetus development and energy to fuel this process.

For a ewe with twins, body condition is critical to the lambs’ survival. The work of Lifetime Wool (see below) shows that a ewe with a body condition score of 4.0 will have twins with a birth weight of 4kgs and a ewe with a score of 2.5 will have twins with a birth weight of 3.5kgs. The difference in lamb survival between these two birth weights is 15%, this equates to 15 more lambs per hundred.

These studies show that the mortality of any lamb reduces markedly once their birth weight goes below 4 kgs.

Ewe Body Condition at Lambing and Lamb birth weight

Lamb birth weight and survival

These figures are also supported by farm case studies, where similar differences were observed when comparing ewe body condition score and lamb survival. (see table 1)

Table 1: Farm case studies – ewe condition score at lambing and lamb survival

Large gaps between lambing and marking percentages are usually associated with poor nutrition during pregnancy.

It’s never too late to supplementary feed. It has been shown that good nutrition in late pregnancy can largely overcome poor nutrition in early pregnancy, which is normally the case faced by autumn lambers (poor pasture over summer).

It is the last 40 to 50 days (6 weeks) of pregnancy where good nutrition is most vital and where supplementary feeding becomes profitable.

SlingShot Ewe and Lamb pellets will help your ewes reach better body condition scores, produce heavier lambs and more lambs to sell.

Note: Typical Analysis. Source: Lifetime Wool and MLA- Making More From Sheep