All Purpose - Improve Conception Rates

SlingShot. The high performance supplementary feed that helps improve fertility and can get heifers and cows cycling earlier.

SlingShot All Purpose can help cows and heifers achieve optimal body condition at calving which means they will be ready to join earlier and have better conception rates. Nutritionally balanced to include high protein and energy levels to meet the needs of pregnant and lactating cows, plus essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. SlingShot All Purpose pellets are a highly effective feed solution to increase your herd’s productivity.

Strategic supplementary feeding with SlingShot All Purpose pellets before and after calving offers beef producers the opportunity to improve the conception rate of the herd.

SlingShot All Purpose is a high performance pellet formulated to help fill the energy and protein deficiencies that cows will experience leading up to calving and early lactation.

A cow’s energy requirement more than doubles from three months prior to calving to six months after. Management of nutrition is critical at this stage, not only for the impact on the health of the foetus, and cow and calf at foot, but more importantly the ability for the cow or heifer to get back into calf.

Studies have shown that cows in the right condition at calving, and that have a higher nutritional plane after calving, will be ready to join much sooner and have higher pregnancy rates than cattle in poorer condition and/or on poorer quality feed.*

Getting your cows to first heat (oestrus) earlier will ensure that they will go through two cycles, and possibly three, at joining while still keeping your calving span tight.

In addition, cows with inadequate body condition at calving will experience more calving problems and mortalities (both cow and calf) leading to reduced fertility the following season.

SlingShot All Purpose can provide the energy and protein to fill the gap that your pasture may not be able to provide to achieve a good body score (2.5 – 3.0) at calving, as well as support the high energy needs of early lactation.

By filling the nutritional gap, SlingShot All Purpose helps you manage your breeding herd more efficiently, which means better reproductive performance and more profits.

Key Features

  • Nutritional boost for heifers and cows prior to calving and during lactation.
  • Steam pelleted to minimise wastage, separation and better for bioavailability of ingredients.
  • Contains:
    • sodium monensin (Rumensin®) to optimise feed conversion.
    • a combination of buffers to minimise the risk of acidosis.
    • a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and phosphorous to support pregnancy and lactation.

Example 1: Effect of Body Condition at Calving (good feed level - green line).

If a cow has a fat score of 1.5 at calving it will take about 45 days to first heat. However, if it has a fat score of 3.0 then it will only take around 30 days.

Example 2: Effect of Good Nutritional Level.

If you take two cows both at Fat Score of 2.0 at calving, the one on good nutrition will take 40 days to first heat whereas the cow on poor nutrition will take around 90 days.

Example 3: Effect of Good Nutrition and Good Condition.

If you take a cow at a fat score of 3.0 at calving and on good nutrition it will be back in heat around 30 days whereas a cow at a fat score of 1.5 and on poor nutrition will take around 100 days.